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Website Maintenance

Your website is an identity which reflects your vision, goals and objectives. Without consistent and regular website maintenance, your website becomes nothing more than a static brochure, which is an injustice to the growing and dynamic nature of your business.

If you are active on the internet, you will find that the primary difference between a lively, happening and flourishing business and a dull and boring one is the difference in a well managed and maintained online identity.

A survey states that a business’s online presence (Primarily the business’s website) has been one of the primary factors in decision making for seventy percent of the businesses.

If your website is well maintained and reflects the current position of your business effectively, there are more chances that business decisions of your potential customers go in your favor.

If you are an eCommerce store or a social media application, it becomes even more necessary that your website is not only updated but also managed and maintained on regular basis.

We offer simple and affordable web maintenance solutions. Your website is maintained by experts and all your queries regarding website maintenance are answered within 24 hours.

Asking following questions to yourself would help you take a decision for whether you need to enroll for a website maintenance plan:

  • Can I get last Friday’s backup of my website and restore it if required ? If yes, would it cost me extra and how much ?
  • Do I need a website maintenance expert who can help me with my regular website tasks ?
  • Would I get more business if all my website pages are optimized for search engines by a website maintenance expert ?
  • I am getting a lot of spam from one of my website forms. Do I have a website maintenance agent to handle it ?
  • I have a content management system on my website but I am not able to format some of the content as I want. Can I talk to my website maintenance expert ?
  • I am sending out newsletters from my website. However some of them are not getting received by my end customers. Can my website maintenance person check it out for me ?
  • I have enrolled for an affiliate program with more than 2 vendors and both are tracking one sale (same sale) which happened on my website. How can I check which one is the right one to be credited ?
  • I want to install a small piece of code on all pages for analytics tracking. Can a website maintenance expert do it for me ?
  • I want to change the content of the email which goes out when someone fills up the contact form on my site. How do I do that ? Can a website maintenance expert change it for me asap?
  • I want to add one menu to my site. Can my website support agent help me out ?
  • I get 4-5 customer emails daily. Can a website support person answer them for me ?
  • My website got hacked yesterday. Google shows it as blocked. How can I get myself delisted ? What am I doing incorrectly ?
  • My web pages are loading very slowly. What should I do ? Can I talk to my website maintenance expert?
  • My SEO person says he has optimized my web pages. Is there a website maintenance expert who can verify that for me ?
  • I just gave a TV interview yesterday. How can I include that on my website ?

The answer to the above and many more questions can be handled by our website maintenance experts. Just enroll for a right plan suited for you and get a one stop solution to all your technology related requirements.

Check out our website maintenance plans to enroll:

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