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Your website is perfect with what is required as content but the design is not professional of your website. Mehta Inc is excellent and best company to provide you with website redesign service. We have expert web designers, professionals working with us who will guide you with the positive result you have always wanted from your website.

Redesigning your website in Mehta Inc will empower your online presence. It is done in four simple steps.

1. Analyzing website
Our redesigning process starts with the basic evaluation. We analyze your existing website and the traffic it gets. We clutch all the favorable & unfavorable features of your website so that we can deliver the best solution for your website redesigning project.

For evaluation of your current website we consider your website goals, objectives, professional image, look, navigation, user design, search engine design, loading speed, audience and traffic.

2. Redesign strategy
In the second step we will define appropriate strategy for your re-designing project. We maintain high level communication with our clients to keep up transparency between our offerings and their expectations. We develop a redesign strategy with suitable business plan relating to goals & objective of your business. We help you with solution for how to increase potential traffic to your website. In this stage we get end to end details of our client views and expectations.

3. Implementing
To accomplish your complete website redesign project we set up final draft with a strategic focused design. We implement our strategy regarding information, images, text, etc of your website in this step.

4. Result
Our skilled designers with there website redesign services deliver the final results as per clients requirements.

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