Web Enabling Legacy Applications

Most organizations today are converting legacy applications to web-interface applications in order to make it easy to use for customers, vendors and partners. To take care of access permissions, automating bulk-discounts, personalizing the application for long-term customers and vendors could make it very complicated to move a legacy application.

In Mehta Inc we have our skilled software team which can enable desktop applications, client server applications and large applications amongst others. Our IT services team can web enable your legacy applications to help you take advantage of the web and can also adapt your current applications to work with the latest technologies.

Web enabling your legacy applications with us will give greater performance experience in web enabling legacy applications for global customers. We can provide you with effective services that are efficient and highly productive. While in the process of converting your legacy application, there would be no loss of data and none of your organization’s activities would be hindered. We have a proficient and highly skilled teams of professionals who can efficiently develop proficient web enabled legacy applications and at the same time deploy the use of the latest technologies available in the market. We select the most efficient and the best re-engineering tools and constantly monitor each step in the process to ensure that the migration is smooth, seamless and effective.

Benefits from our Web enabling legacy applications:

Converting legacy applications to web enabled applications can increase the availability and the accessibility of your applications.

It can provide global access to your data and systems.

More of your customers, business partners and users can easily access your web enabled application.

You can discard the requirements involving multifaceted deployment making it faster, simplifying the flow of your data and making the experience more seamless.

Converting an old application would also prove to be more cost-effective than building a new application.

Increased customer satisfaction with Skilled and experienced professionals.