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Digital Marketing Year 2010

Monday, February 15th, 2010

The digital marketing professionals of this world have a unifying group known as the Society of Digital Agencies (SODA) whose work is to champion for, among other things, upholding the industry ‘s best practices, education and advertising. I received a copy of the results of a survey that SODA conducted that featured over 1000 digital marketing executives drawn from different agencies of the world. The captivating insights captured in the survey are the subject that I would like to share.


Digital marketing is by no doubt the most effective means of advertising that any big corporation relies on to maintain its market share dominance. You may want to remember that companies like the carmakers; Ford, which was reeling in lethargic sales indices once, spent 25% of the marketing budget on digital marketing. This was bold, coming from a depressed world economic state and now thanks to the social media, they are making significant sales less than a year later. The impact created t by this economic downturn forced marketers who work for leading manufacturers to rethink their strategies and come up with more cut throat tactics to stay ahead of the pack. All these were focused on digital marketing and the results are baffling, yet effective; a sign that digital marketing has come a long way and by the look of things, it’s just getting started.

The survey is contained in a wholesome 70 page script of facts that have been sampled from various regions of the Americas, Europe, and Russia that highlight among other main issues, the emerging trends, changing policies, social media (an example is China)and more.

Online marketing spending has risen from last year to this year’s forecast with almost two thirds of companies surveyed opting to spend more or the same amount that they spent last year. They plan to significantly increase their proprietary media. The budgets show that more spending this year will most definitely be on social networks, web based applications and the digital infrastructure in general.

The emerging trends in social media marketing are another key pointer this year. The focus will be on customer experience. Marketing skills will involve using emotional as well as persuasive methods of storytelling that will convince customers that they need these products. Location will be just as important, and the speed at which these strategies can be thought up, approved and implemented will be of great importance. This will eventually mark the beginning of a new breed of online marketing techniques that will above all things hit the last nail on the coffin of banner ads.


Paid media will rapidly and malevolently be replaced by brand content syndication; to put this into perspective, an estimated 40% of the spending will primarily be spent on mobile content.

Social media marketing is effective as it is lately because of its ability to remain increasingly mobile. Dimensions will be more significant than has ever been seen previously, while the

2010 digital marketing outlook

Are your feedbacks attracting attention on Social Media?

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Many companies prefer to get feedbacks from their customers and clients. It helps them evolve and suggestions for betterment are always welcomed. With social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace becoming popular, many companies are using them effectively to get suggestions from their customers or rather potential customers.

There is one question that keeps popping up though; are all feedbacks addressed? Is the customer treated the way they would like to be? Most companies having global reach on the Web have difficulties addressing customer feedbacks since there seems to be so many almost at the same time.

There are services and applications to gather and process the feedbacks, as a customer, how can you be sure that your grievances are heard? The answer is plain yet perfect; it all depends on where you post and how you post.


Posting multiple tweets about a situation can surely get out of hand at times. You get the desired response but will your problem be addressed? Employees working for Global Reach companies are keen on replying to your tweet and getting updates from their seniors rather than giving you a solution to the persisting problem.

If once you have tweeted the problem and got a response, the best thing to do in such a situation is to start an e-mail thread and keep track of all the replies that you receive from the company so that you can be sure that your problem is at least in the process of being addressed. Most people believe that getting the problem over to the peak is easier however it is advised to look for others who list User Experience, Community, Content or Support within their profiles.

Alternatively if you do not know who to address your problem to or which Twitter contact can offer you assistance, you could try using the services of Twellow that is a type of yellow pages directory offering you assistance for Twitter.

Customer Services has a number of feedback based consumer forums like SuggestionBox, UserVoice or the latest GetSatisfaction. They are easier to manage and use and are innovative yet informative and friendly. Though the services go by various names they solve one single purpose to help you get your voice heard through posts, ratings and tags.

Everyone has jobs to do; you and the other person at the receiving end also have a fair share of priorities, the best thing to post on feedback forums would be to voice your opinion in plain simple English. The type of information that you should voice would be the exact nature of the problem, the type of company and the solution you require.


When using the services of Facebook an account is needed to get started and you can be sure that there is a person out there addressing your grievances. Facebook also has the facility of providing you with the e-mail address of the person you need to contact and you could be superficial about the problem when addressing it publicly rather than getting into the intricacies of it.

Patience is definitely the mother of all virtues and it pays to be patient. You could give the company a few days to respond before you start a grievance group against the customer service of the particular company. Do not post hate mail; it would only show you in poor light since there may be many happy customers out there who would not respond to your overtures and invariably your entire problem is back to square one. The best thing to do would be to stay calm, make sure that you have given the complete details of your problem to elicit a response and finally have patience.

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