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Quality Assurance Services

We define Quality assurance and testing as the most crucial activities in the Software development life cycle. Introducing quality assurance at earlier stage in a project would lead to significant cost savings, risk mitigation and improved deliverables.

Our dedicated software quality assurance team uses a wide range of comprehensive testing methods and tools to deliver the solutions with highly quality. The team has experience in various domains in the area of websites and advanced web portals, complex internet applications and client-server software. We also act as a third party quality assurance team for clients getting software development done elsewhere.

How do We Conduct Software Testing

Many software testing strategies challenge the assumptions, risks, and uncertainty inherent in the work.
Our Software testing is primarily done by evaluating and assessing the quality of product.

  • We first find out the defects in software quality and document them.
  • Further, we advise on the perceived software quality.
  • Demonstrations are given regarding design and requirement specifications.
  • We make sure that the software product works as designed.
  • We validate that the requirements are implemented appropriately.

Advantages of Quality Software Testing

If testing is started in early development cycle then it helps reduce risk. With this approach, defects can be removed as the features get implemented. Time to test is reduced and product deliverable deadlines are met.

Testing requires planning between developers and testers. If testing is done early and with every build to close the quality gap quickly then it helps gain following advantages.

  • Risk can be identified and reduced in the primary stages of development.
  • Initially, repairs to problems become less costly.
  • Business strategy becomes more transparent and effective.
  • The release date is more accurate.
  • Results are given as required.
  • The product can be shipped sooner.
  • Artifacts can be reused for regression testing.
  • There will not be any bounding to any particular vendor.

Quality Assurance Testing Measures

The basic key measures of assurance testing are COVEREGE and QUALITY.

Coverage – Test Coverage is the measurement of testing completeness. Test coverage includes requirements based coverage and code based coverage.

Quality – Quality is a measure of the reliability, stability, and performance of the test. Quality is based on evaluating and analyzing the identified test results.

Levels of Quality Assurance Testing

There are different levels in quality assurance software testing. Testing is applied to different types of targets in different levels.

The levels include –

  • Independent Stakeholder Testing – testing that is based on the needs and concerns of various stakeholders.
  • Developer Testing – the developer who has developed the piece of software carries writes test cases and tests the product for appropriateness and completeness.
  • Independent Testing – test execution initially occurs with an independent testing group according to the test cases. The results are made available to the development for further product improvement
  • Unit Testing – focuses on verifying the smallest testable elements of the software.
  • Integrated Testing – to ensure components in the implementation model are functioning properly when used together.
  • System Testing – the target is to take care of the system’s end- to-end functioning elements.
  • Acceptance Testing – to verify that the software is ready and that it can be used to perform tasks by end users.

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