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Development Process

A structured framework is very important when we talk about high quality, reliable and robust software solutions.

Over the past years of working on a variety of projects, we have developed a strong knowledge base which serves as a base for our best practices team. This is turn helps us get maximum performance and highest quality for web-related projects while leaving away redundant complexity that may affect project budget or timing.

We confidently describe our processes as customer centric, results driven iterative approach which deliver business solutions without compromising on quality and leaving enough room for creativity and innovation.

A project manager gets involved in the project with the client engagement team right from the requirement definition stage. This helps him understand the project and requirements well and act accordingly throughout the project development lifecycle. His routine responsabilities are project planning, team management, early project risks definition / elimination and reporting to client. All projects are under supervision of a technical manager who can be reached for any prompt action.

Project Planning and Requirement Analysis
Once the project is confirmed it gets into the planning stage. A list is prepared as to what work should be allotted to whom. The associated tasks are then assigned to the respective leads in Design and Development team. They then communicate to the organization and then the work begins. The Use cases and the Software Requirements documents are created in this process depending on client requirements.

Design and Development
The design and development is an iterative processes and we follow the full Software development life cycle for the process. Mehta Inc. employs full control of procedures at every phase to mitigate project risks and ensure efficient performance and high quality project implementation.

Functional Documentation
A functional document is prepared regarding the project how it will look, work, how the user can interact and what the finished product will do. Development process is streamlined here and it enables easy management and saves time on productivity.

Visibility in Work
Communication and transparency is of utmost importance when we work in an outsourcing model. Each and every action is well communicated to the client via the project management tool. The client can directly ask questions raise concerns via project management tool which are promptly and satisfactorily answered.

Proof of Concept as Prototype
A prototype is prepared that gives you an idea of the shape of things to come. It ensures smooth and clear communication between client and development teams. Vague requirements can be given a clear definition while risks and costs are reduced in development. This gives a proof to the concept and our clients can now almost feel the solution that he/she had entrusted us to develop.

Quality In Final Delivery
A Quality control resource is assigned to every project at the very beginning and who proposes a Software Test Plan for the project. The quality control representative ensures that all the functional and design specifications are well implemented. Unit testing of all the phases in a project is done which results in high quality of final product developed. Future recommendations are also made here. Test documents are shared with the clients.

We never follow a one size fits all solution. All customer needs are different and our processes need to be aligned based on the clients requirements. However, we always make sure that the learning from our projects goes into our knowledge base which improves our methodology to meet customer expectations.

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