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When you arrive on a website the first question you which comes in your mind is ‘will this website give me what I’m looking for?’ An average visitor does not spend more than ten seconds in deciding whether your website will be useful for him or not. At Mehta Inc, we know that there is something beyond content writing involved when you want to engage visitors and have them come back to you again.

How many times have we come across well looking websites which do not server the purpose? Or how many times have we thought about our website content, its relevance to search engines, keyword density and its appeal to our potential customers?

If you want to succeed in a competitive and open environment, you need you website content developed and managed regularly. You need to know that the people that arrive on your site will stay for long enough to decide to do business with you. There is a multitude of things that will prevent them from staying long enough to do that.

It is not about websites alone:

It is important to understand WHAT people read and, just as important, HOW people read. Our content writing and management experts helps you whether you need:

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