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Communication Methodology

Transparency, proper communication and proper management is highly important for the success of any outsourcing project.

We understand the misunderstandings that are very often created due to poor communication. To ensure the success of your outsourced project we use various tools to facilitate clear, unhindered and one-on-one interaction.

We are also aware of communication errors due to cultural differences. There are some of the utilities which we use to ensure effective communication and information flow throughout the project lifecycle. 

Project Management System
An online Project Management System (PMS) is provided by us with which you can easily get up-to-date report of your project. The tool allows you to monitor and measure progress and also helps in increasing the amount of control you can exercise on the progress of your custom software development project.

This system is installed for bug tracking purpose. Mantis BT is very popular web based bug tracking system. You can choose to use mantis as your bug tracking system. This does ensure complete testing, reporting and clarity on the project modules.

Documentation of meeting minutes is done by us. Further it is shared with those who are involved in project.

We follow one on one communication system. Apart from normal telephone, we also use Skype for online conference calls with our customers. To make it easier for you to voice any concerns or clarifications in real time we use both instant messenger i.e. Google Talk and Skype.

Single point of contact
During the course of project we ensure that the project manager whom your project is assigned becomes the single point of contact for you for all the communications required.

Escalation Procedure
We make sure that we have a clear escalation procedure to sort out any issues arising during the project. Clients can directly reach the technical manager for any issues relating the project and we assure a 24 hour response to any of the queries.

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