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Building and maintaining integrity in the digital world.

When you develop a social media marketing strategy, you automatically start adding values to people’s lives. As a company, you need to build and maintain integrity.

In the digital world this becomes far more important than anything else. Messages spread easily via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook – and they can create huge positive or negative impacts.

There are four A’s for you to build and maintain your social media integrity

1. Acquaint
2. Aim
3. Alacrity
4. Attention.

Acquaint- At the bottom rung of the ladder lays “Acquaint” though it may not look important, the foundation for any relationship is acquaintance. Unless you know a little something about the person, it will not be easy to break the ice no matter how much you try.

You need to remember that you are dealing with real individuals with emotions while marketing on social media. Although obvious, we tend to forget this more often than not. “Acquainting” yourself will definitely help you know what to say at the appropriate time. If you do not know what to say, there is no point in continuing the conversation any further.

Aim – The next rung of the ladder is “Aim”. Focusing can only strengthen your abilities to interact on social media platforms. Concentrating on areas where you know your strength lies and genuinely helping people helps you maintain focus.

How to stand out from the crowd and let your voice be heard over millions of incessant chatters? When you are focused and honest, it shows and people warm up to you instantly. You start building energy and trust that keep you connected with the audience rather than wearing glossy masks.

Alacrity – Any Consistent activity on your blog and social media platforms will help you go a long way. When a business or personnel engages in a conversation and has the right amount of positive energy it, shows and people relate more to you.

If you cannot show enthusiasm about what you do then who else would. If you absolutely know that you have written in complete honesty then the right amount of positive energy will automatically flow. And this shows very clearly on your social media profiles.

Attention – The top-most rung of the ladder has all the attention..If you are able to pay a little attention to your audience and show concern you have won half the battle.

When you pay attention, it shows. It does not matter if you are trying to get new friends, sell something or holding conversations with people on Twitter or Facebook. If you are able to grab attention, it is all that matters.

A small amount of acquaintance with focused efforts and paying attention to your social media friends and fans is a sure shot way to build and maintain integrity on social media platforms.

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21 Responses to “Building and maintaining integrity in the digital world.”

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